Loft shower cabin ventilation

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    • Loft shower cabin ventilation

      Hi All,

      Being in the process of selecting my next Camper, I visited a Loft 87 year 2019 . I may have missed it but I haven’t clearly seen how was handled the natural ventilation in the shower cabin. I saw the upper part of the shower door with a space between the latter and the ceiling but the arrangment looks odd to me letting the mist evacuates through the Heki of the corridor.
      Even worse would it be if an AC unit is installed instead. I would be happy to get feedback from Owners. Thanks.

    • Hi Joel,

      To the best of my knowledge the roof hatch in the shower has a forced ventilation, i.e., no rubber seal has been installed.
      Additionally, you may want to completely open the hatch after showering.

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