Hi from Turkey

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    • Hi from Turkey

      Hello to everyone,

      my name is Rakip, coming from Istanbul - Turkey. I own a mobilhome, based on a Scania R780 constructed and build by a turkish yachtconstructor as a mobilehome. Me an my familiy (wife and 3 children) are used to travel to Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece during the last years. Because I am interested to visit Germany during 2020 I was looking to a german website to find some information. It is difficult to connect to german pages sometimes because our network will lock these pages. So I found a tricky way to be registered here.

      Sorry for my language skills but I am not so well with english and no knowledge to german language. I´ll try to use a translator to read the information at linertreff. I started to write at another forum at premiumwohnmobileforum but the admin blocked my account and told me to change to linertreff because at premiumwohnmobilforum are no english speakers on board. Funny arguments but I took it into account so I registered here.

      Due to the fact that our mobilehome is 12 meters and 20t I am looking for places to go. We are interested to visit Frankfurt and probably Northsee and Baltic see. Our plan is to have 8 weeks in germany and I am interested to have a tour to typical german areas. I have read at the linertreff since weeks and found some travelbooks. For me it is difficult to translate so there will be some questions later.

    • Hello Rakip, a very heartly welcome from the Vordertaunus near Frankfurt. :welcome:

      For your tour you may also consider the area of the Mosel river. It is a very green, cosy and traditional region of Germany with lot´s of RV-places where a large vehicle like yours easily finds a nice place. It is not an area for intense life but rather for relaxation, biking and as it is a wine growing area also for "downwinding"

      So feel free to place your questions and things you´re interested in. You´ll find enough users that can communicate in English quite well.

      And of course we´re interested to see pictures of your RV. Sounds like something Special.

      Cheers, Thomas
    • Welcome Rakip,

      as I told you before, here you are right!

      It was a great pleasure to meet you and lucywise you connected to the linertreff. The world is a DORF and so we keep in contact via LinerTreff. It would be great having you next at the Chapel when you will come over.

      For all the guys at linertreff: I met Rakip a couple of day´s ago in Istanbul ... It was a very nice eavening and the story he told me about his experience with the premiumdaddeldidu-Forum have been veriy impressive. So I am very glad having them here at the LinerTreff ... :thumbsup:

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    • Hi Rakip,

      welcome to the club. The specs of your RV sound pretty impressive. I am sure you'll find a lot of information about interesting places to visit in the forum. Don't hesitate to ask.

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    • Hi Rakip,

      As an Englishman with only very limited German I have found this forum a wealth of knowledge. Using Chrome I get on the fly translation which tends to work well when someone is describing a technical detail in more formal German, but once they slip into a more relaxed version then you have to read the comments several times. Having said that many speak excellent or at least passable English which has resolved some misunderstandings on my part. I have learnt so much on here compared to our English forums that it has become my daily must visit!


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    • New

      Thank you for welcoming.

      I am very busy reading all the themes here at linertreff. I found a lot of very helpful information. Nevertheless I have some trouble connecting to linertreff because I get sometimes errors meaning "Website not accessible" due to turkisch internet access. So I decidet to use the TorBrowser and a german mailserver to come online.

      Our plan to visit Germany is to go via Bulgaria to Montenegro. Having some Time at Croatia and then follow the coast up to Slowenia. We want to visit Austria for 2 Weeks and then go directly to Germany to visit Munich. Then we will have around 8 Weeks to go to Frankfurt, Bremerhafen, Hamburg, Rostock, Berlin. Do you think that will work? I have no idea if there are places to let our mobilehome. Could anyone explain the differnce between "Campingplatz" and "Stellplatz"? How does is work with sewage and fresh water? Do we have to get a ticket for the german moutsystem from Toll Collect?

      I have been in Germany sometimes but I never traveld by mobilhome there.

    • New

      Hello Rakip,

      The Campingplatz is a Motorhome place with shower and all other stuff. But not all Campingplatz are able to get your nice Car on. So you must take care before and ask for your sice.
      This is the way, I do. I look in The internet and when I see a place, what is interesting, I phone shortly, if the is room for me.
      Stellplatz means that it is simpler, some times not with elektric power or water. But most enough for your Motorhome. I often look for places at a habor, where where in the winter the yachtings stored. There is mostly very much place for our small cars.

      Because Motorhomes are private cars are, they don't need in Germany to pay Toll Collect. Only Trucks on busines must pay this. But in Austria, you must pay and have a Go-Box.

      Best regards
      Auch Alt kommt an und es dauert noch nicht mal länger :D
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