Tyre Pressure alarm M Palace daily chassis

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    A question for someone with the driver package on the M Palace / Daily chassis, did you manage to set the tire pressure warning system to allow less than 5.1 bar or 74 psi without the alarm being displayed?


    Eine Frage an jemanden mit dem Fahrerpaket auf M Palace/Daily-Chassis, haben Sie es geschafft, das Reifendruck-Warnsystem so einzustellen, dass weniger als 5,1 bar oder 74 psi zugelassen werden, ohne dass der Alarm angezeigt wird?

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  • Hello Martin,

    as you rightly state, the pressure should depend on the actual load on the respective axle.

    When I asked Michelin for the correct pressure on my RV by mistake I gave them the technical maximum loads (2,8 tons front and 5,25 tons rear axle) and they gave me a recommendation for 5,6 rsp. 5,3 bar. As I realized that I gave them wrong figures I took my vehicle on a scale which resulted in lower values (2,6 tons front and 4,55 tons rear axle). Based on this input they came back to me with significantly lower pressure recommendations of 5,1 rsp. 4,5 bar.

    Here´s the two responses from Michelin:

    Antwort bei zGG.pdf  Antwort tatsächliches Gewicht.pdf

    This also means that it may well be that some Daily-vehicles require higher pressure on the tires in case the actual load is closer to the maximum load capacitiy of the axles. Also this will depend on the make of the tires you´re using. In any case I recommend to double check with the manufacturer of your tires as they should know best, what pressure is most suitable for the individual situation.

    Cheers, Thomas

  • Thank you Thomas

    We have Continental at 121 load rating and use their tyre chart for pressures, empty weight was 2.6t and 3.7t, weighed again loaded scooter full water etc we were 2.7t and 4.5t.

    With these loaded weights and tyres 5.1bar and 4.5bar would be good BUT the Daily TPMS will not allow this without an alarm showing/sounding, I really wondered if anybody had found a solution to the alarm as IVECO and M don't seem able to help us.

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